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Exchange Server

More control over Out of Office reply

You have Inside and Outside Organization and you can even enable that only (outside) contacts receive an OOF reply.
I would like a little bit more control over that, for instance by by white or blacklisting (external) contacts, so that they will or will not receive an OOF reply.
Also the ability sending an OOF reply for external addresses only when you do not have them as a contact. It's reasonable to assume that contacts... more »


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Exchange Server

Automatic Out Of Office

Why not make actual "automatic" out of office replies based on user connectivity and automatically forward to any of the following:

> The distribution group the user belongs to (Small groups)

> User Selected member(s) of his/er distribution group (Larger Groups)

> User Selected member(s) (Non grouped users)

> Administrator Selected member(s) (Non grouped users)


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