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Exchange Server

Improved reporting on mailbox move/import/export

Realtime status and statistic reporting on Mailbox moves and PST import/export preferably in EAC.


Currently there is a very basic EAC alert and Mail report possible with PST im/ex, but it only reports completion or fails. You then have to use several cmdlets in the shell in order to find out what the cause was.


Basically more like the Staged/Cutover migration information in the Recipients>Migration pane in EAC.


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Exchange Server

Public Folder Mailbox Allocation Policy

Max Concurrent connections to a PFMBX is 2,000.


automated load balancing by current algorithm is v.poor implementation for global environments.


Implement functionality of a Public Folder Mailbox Allocation Policy to refine algorithm to ensure PFMBX > Policy > Users and that this strictly obeyed.


ps document the algorithm in depth.


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