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Exchange Server

Add Standards-compliant Calendar Sharing (with read/write)

End users can share a calendar with anyone from Exchange using iCal or HTML.

Extend this feature to allow authenticated users (either via URL, or username/password) to edit calendars shared via iCal, updating the same underlying feature to use HTTPS rather than HTTP.

This will allow end users to collaborate better with anyone, whatever the platform, or whatever client they are using. This will also mean that users of... more »


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Mobile access

Multiple exchange calendars on mobile devices - TEAM calendars

Having the ability to have multiple Exchange calendars visible on your calendar on a mobile device instead of having all the appointments and all day events for all your co-workers on your personal calendar. We would have TEAM calendars that would have your team information on it and your personal calendar would allow you to add / remove the team calendars from view.

This would be very helpful when you go on vacation... more »


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