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Exchange Server

Silent OWA Redirection for Exchange Hybrid

When a cloud user logs into the on-premise OWA URL in a hybrid deployment, the user is prompted with the "Use the following link to open this mailbox..." prompt and a link to the Office 365 OWA interface.

In the interest of providing the most seamless integration for hybrid organizations, it would be nice for the option exist to make this a silent redirection so both on-premise and cloud users can utilize the same URL.... more »


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Exchange Server

Simplify the "Simplify the OWA URL" Process

I doubt you'll find an organization that has intentionally chosen to force their users to go to ""; nearly everyone wants the "simple URL" of "".

Instead of publishing a lengthy process for simplifying the URL ( or having consultants simplify it their own way through one of the many other methods,... more »


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Outlook Web App

OWA - set as default mail client

We would like more of our users to be using OWA instead of the full Outlook client but there are a few things missing in OWA. Setting OWA as the default mail client is one of them so that when a user clicks on a mailto: link on a webpage it will allow them to sign in to their OWA account and send the email instead of giving them the "there is no default mail client configured".


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