Unified Messaging

Mode Settings

In modern days, many times, laptops are plugged into beamers, or webcastings etc, without having time to prepare to personalize the way the screen should look like. For eg, if I am in meeting and in battery mode, I should have option that I dont have the screen lock out in 1 min, which is normal setting, as I might take notes in one note time to time, It can have a blank screen, but not go into sleep mode or battery save mode.

Another example is , If I connect to an over head projector or start a webcast, I should have option to set in webcast mode, so that in coming mails dont pop up in the webcast screen for all to see, or in overhead mode, the pop up of email should disengage. Like in mobile, we can set profiles which can set actions for various contacts or applications, like wise it would be gr8, if windows allowed certain modes so that quickly all setting like sound, power, emails, etc configures up in one go.



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